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Welcome to our Window Max-North company window installation service, a business built on the foundations of excellence, quality, and customer satisfaction. Founded in 2020 in Joliet, IL by professionals with over three decades of indomitable industry experience, we are an established and reliable window solution provider that you can count on.

Window Installation Service

Window Installation Service

Our company boasts an exceptional team of industry experts and qualified professionals who wholeheartedly believe in delivering excellence upfront. As our primary focus is customer satisfaction, we try to understand each client’s unique needs and exceed their window repair service expectations.

Our Goal
Our fundamental goal is simple: to offer the highest quality window installation service while providing an unrivaled customer experience. We aim to enhance and maintain your home’s safety, comfort, and value through our professional services.

Our Values
We believe in integrity, honesty, professionalism and maintain a customer-first approach. We prize your trust in us and vow to uphold and maintain such confidence with utmost commitment and adherence to our foundational values.

The vision is to become the most trusted and sought-after window repair service provider. We envision broadening our reach and continually adapting as per industry trends and customer needs to ensure we always remain a preferred choice in the market for all types of window solutions.

Window Max-North‘s mission is to provide superior quality services that improve the overall aesthetics of your home while ensuring your safety and comfort. We strive to build lasting relationships with our clients through our steadfast commitment to excellence and satisfaction.

We invite you to become part of our journey. Contact us today at (815) 364-7187 in Joliet, IL or schedule an appointment to experience the window installation and repair service you deserve.

Services List

  • Window Replacement and Installation
  • Door Installation
  • Window Repair
  • Door Repair
  • Custom Cladding
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