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Welcome to your reliable service provider for exceptional window installation, repair, and replacement services in Joliet, IL. Your safety, convenience, and satisfaction stand at the heart of our mission. We understand that your windows serve aesthetic purposes and contribute to your home’s energy efficiency and security. That’s why Window Max-North company offers meticulous window services to meet your needs.

Our Services

Window Replacement and Installation

Window Replacement and Installation
Our window replacement and installation service provides a comprehensive solution to enhance your home or office. We employ skilled experts who can properly remove your old windows and install brand-new ones. Our professionals take precise measurements before installation to ensure a perfect fit. 

Door Installation

Door Installation
Our door installation service is performed by expert tradesmen skilled in installing doors of various types and designs. Whether you need a sturdy security door, an aesthetic wooden door, or a durable roller door, we can install them based on your preferences. Our team also ensures that the door is properly aligned, the locks fit well, and the door operates seamlessly post-installation.

Window Repair

Window Repair
Our window repair services cater to different issues with your windows. We can handle everything from repairing broken glass to fixing faulty window frames. We make sure to use superior materials and advanced tools for repair works that offer durability and prolong the life of your windows. Moreover, we can also provide maintenance tips to minimize future window damage.

Door Repair

Door Repair
The door repair service we offer encompasses a range of issues, from rectifying alignment problems to restoring deteriorated wood or faulty locks. We understand that doors not only offer security but also contribute to the aesthetic appeal of your house. Therefore, our adept team endeavors to repair your doors efficiently, restoring them to their original functionality

Custom Cladding

Custom Cladding
Our custom cladding service offers a diverse range of materials and designs to protect and embellish the exteriors of your building. We provide heat-resistant, weather-resistant, and long-lasting cladding options tailored to your requirements. We offer a customized solution that enhances the overall look of your property and adds another layer of insulation for better energy efficiency.

Benefits of our services:
We go the extra mile in our window services to offer unrivaled benefits. Investing in our installation service ensures you enjoy superior workmanship and windows that stand the test of time. Our window repair services help you keep your windows pristine, effectively serving your aesthetical and functional needs. Need an upgrade? Our affordable window replacement guarantees enhanced curb appeal, better energy efficiency, and improved home value. We maintain strict timelines, professional conduct, and unmatched customer service.

Our work process
From consultation to clean-up, every step of our work process is streamlined to deliver the utmost satisfaction. Our seasoned team begins with comprehensive assessments to better understand your needs and preferences. We then recommend suitable solutions catering to your budget and desired aesthetics. Our installation service carefully ensures a seamless fit and perfect finish that aligns beautifully with your home’s style. We employ top-notch techniques and quality materials in window repair service to restore your window’s functionality and look. Finally, our window replacement service is designed to provide you with durable, stylish, and energy-efficient windows while maintaining the integrity of your home’s structure.

Additional Areas

Window Max-North‘s quality window repair services are available in these locations:

  • Rockdale Village, IL;
  • Shorewood Village, IL;
  • Lemont Village, IL;
  • New Lenox Township, IL;
  • Channahon Village, IL;

Contact us today at (815) 364-7187 in Joliet, IL for superior window installation service, and start experiencing quality window solutions that truly reward.

Client Testimonials
by Darren Daniels on Window Max-North
Customer Love!

The window installation service offered by this company was exceptional - professionals with prompt service, superior quality, and keen attention to detail. I recommend them to anyone seeking a smooth and effective window installation experience.

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